Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Better be silent...

After a week and a half of hard freezes here in Florida there's not much to report except that my kitchen has been inhabited by 25 pepper plant, two citrus trees, and an assortment of herbs and is feeling awfully crowded! We had planned on harvesting some pie pumpkins in January (a little late for holidays, but who says pumpkin pie is just for Thanksgiving?) but those were wiped out, along with the slow growing corn. After a sustained drought slowed germination this early cold was a double blow.

The good news is that there will be more time to let the garden go fallow and to amend the soil. We'll also be able to let the chickens weed the area and process their pickings into fertilizer :>)

Now a rant...

I often wonder if the seemingly un-opinionated moderates I know are simply following the old adage "Better to stay silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and prove it."

In my view an unspoken opinion is about as valuable as no opinion at all. If you (you know who you are) have an opinion you would be wise to speak it. Any woman worth marrying will value your opinion and will ask for it on occasion. You must be able to speak it honestly and forthrightly. She will not want your advice, just your opinion, there is a difference. Learn it.

If you have no opinion it is far better to say "I have no opinion" than to either give the illusion of agreement or an air of foolishness.

If you stay silent for fear of upsetting my sensibilities I must correct you. I have no sensibilities. You should have figured this out quite quickly upon meeting me. I am convicted enough in my opinions to take no offense to you having yours. If they contradict mine, it is simply because you are wrong.

If you stay silent for fear of your own temper you should consider your temper an enemy. It is either covering for an opinion held without conviction or it is hiding an overdeveloped sense of self. Firm up your convictions; if this does not quiet your temper, consider lowering yourself down to the level of us mere mortals.

Opinions about sports or other diversionary recreations are trivial. They do not contribute to building the character of your children or their children or the structure of society. If these are the only opinions you have or are willing to share you ought to re-prioritize your life.

Just a few observations, not meant to startle anyone's sensibilities.

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