Monday, September 23, 2013

Wasps Are Not the Same As Bees

We had a fun weekend. While the kids were outside playing Bella got stung on the tip of her nose by a wasp. When she came inside she was screaming so loudly I thought she had broken her leg! Apparently someone passing by the house thought something more sinister was going on and called the police! They were very polite and asked to see and talk to her. She showed them her nose but wouldn't tell them what happened. She kept pointing to me and asking me to tell them.
Lily was beside herself the entire time. She thought Bella was in trouble and wouldn't stop crying. She kept telling me she should have gotten stung because she led Bella over to where the wasps were. She had no idea they were there, it wasn't anyone's fault. But she insisted she should have gotten stung.
It made for an interesting Saturday! Bella's eye is swollen but her pediatrician said that's normal.
Jon claims she has middle child syndrome. Both of the middle children in he and I's family have weird things happen to them. Bella has already begun accruing her list of weird maladies. Oh well. They make for great stories!

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